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The Requiem Red 

I do admit that this book was realistic on many accounts, yet it was still hard to read at times. Mostly because of the consent switching of POVs, I would have preferred it merely being Jules and Jane, they were the really important characters. The rest of them merely made me confused as to who was narrating or what they were saying. 

As for the asylum here, and its procedures was definitely one of the more horrifying and true to history about what they did with the mentally challenged. Jane here clearly was rather sane, she simply saw the word in a different manner when compared to others. Same for Jules as well, both of this characters were similar. 

As for the ending, it felt abrupt and that there were some loose ends which needed to be tied up from there. The plot to me was rather simple and yet was confusing at times due to the style of the narration, as such it really confused me at times. I didn’t even figure out who was Jules until the middle and the extra names, to me had made little sense. I prefer my books to have narration by many characters to avoid using the word, I, and in this case it is so because I was just so confused by it. 

The historical setting to me felt real here, seeing as how it went by within the asylum and the best pulled off task seeing how they were and the asylum were treated. I know that during those times most patients were women, where it could be used as a convenient method to remove them without any divorce occurring. But an asylum during these times simply are horrible places to live, and as such, not exactly a good place. As for children who grew up there, they mostly remained there. 

I guess that I prefer the darker side of history where procedures were performed sometimes with disastrous effects, other times with little help at all. And most importantly, being ablated was the same as cutting off a part of the brain, many became infantile because of it. I really like this book in how it drew me to read up about it. 

Overall, I do think that this is those who like first person narration and would not mind having multiple narrators, I thought they were her split personalities above all. But I do like in how it gives a realistic portrayal of the mental illness and how it was viewed in that era. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


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