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Ever The Hunted

This book is just predictably boring. I was right about who killed him, it being one of most predicable plot twist. I mean, it just simply sounded fishy that Lord Jamis wanted to find a murderer for Jo reason at all. Britta just accepted it, it’s not that she’s blinded by grief, but because she is point blank dumb. 

There were so many moments where she would have proved her common sense, but nope she does plenty of things which make as little sense as possible regarding her talents. And how did it even bloody take so long for her to guess that she’s a channeler. Hello, you can tell the difference between lies and truth tell me you aren’t so dense to actually believe that it is normal. 

But she did, for almost over half of the book. Until her grandmother revealed to her, and she got worked up over nothing. With her intellect, I couldn’t even be bothered to care about her. She is simply too stupid to live in the case, with how she handled her father’s murderer. And how she didn’t know how fishy Lord Jamis was. He waited months until his death before telling her the possible murderer and she doesn’t even think something it wrong. 

As for Cohen, I have no bloody idea how the hell did the author make him smell good even after weeks of not bathing. I kid you not. And other than that, he has about as much personality as a fresh smiling plant. Once he came into the picture, whatever that was left of Britta’s intelligence evaporated and her brain was filled with his fragrant smell. 

The plot, it just isn’t my thing and took forever to take off. I tend to steer clear of books with a journey, and clearly here it doesn’t handle it well. It felt more like a romantic journey than an actual fantasy one, so many pages were just filed with her thinking about him, trying to kiss her. Where did the bloody plot go? Replaced by a fresh smelling plant is what I guess. 

And the worldbuilding, it has to be the most vague and pointless of all fantasy I have read. Two countries are basically aagisnt each other, Malam hunts Channelers for no reason at all, not even Lord Jamis provided an explanation to it, and he is the one controlling the king. I mean can’t we have a king who is not controlled, manipulated, I can understand, but controlled, what do you think all monarchs are? The puppets which only reign and never rule, this is just getting ridiculous in ya. 

The Channelers being hunted by Malam, for almost no decent reason at all. The explanation I got basically had no connection at all, and Lord Jamis was as developed as the stereotypical villain, except he is paired with a very dumb protagonist who managed to get enamoured with a fresh smiling plant for almost the entire book. No wonder he managed to do it because the person who would stop him is simply too dumb to even notice people left tracks, and she’s a tracker. 

So, what can I say? That was a disappointment to me, but don’t let it affect your judgement in reading this. Perhaps you might enjoy it, but for me, it simply wasn’t. 

Rating: 1 out of 5


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