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Making A Story Original

A story can be as clichéd or as original as you want to be. There always will be borrowed elements from elsewhere, but to me it is bringing something new to these elements and frankly speaking what you think of them. 

I mean, we write books which are meant to be subjective. There is no one size fits all in this approach, and nothing will be able to satisfy all. You have to accept that there will be people who hate your novel and people who also will love it to pieces. Thus the only important thing is to always bring in how you feel about the world into your book it is always present even if it is reduced to nothing more than subtlety within your own book. And to never shortchange your readers. 

As such, to be original is to just bring a new twist to it. To show things in a different light. And also, what you think makes up the particular genre you are writing in. And most importantly, whose story you are telling. 

No work is fully original, we all borrow a little here and there but what is original is how we say things, it is also how we write them and present our ideas and thoughts through novels. 

As such, to be original to me is to really enjoy what you are writing. If you put your heart into it, it will feel original rather than a novel who basically had all the elements in a checklist. 

Also, all writers would present it differently. Their works would all have something inherently different, if not then it’s basically plagiarising, to be able to have some original ideas mean some novelty and something different from other books itself. All books published I do have to admit has this, even if the execution doesn’t really make any like it. 

For me, this is what I think is necessary to being original. What do you think about this topic? What else could make your works a little more original? 


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