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I do think this is a decent book even if there are some flaws within the story itself, one which I would say is mostly how perfect David actually is. But the plot is well placed with twists and specific parts of the book did hint about what came. But there are still problems with this book. 

Most specifically is how David is. He almost never fails, even when he is about to he would find the answer himself. And eventually something did come in handy, seeing as what Steelheart was weak to. But he almost never falls hard and deep not even once, which is a deep flaw of the book.

But his personal motivations are one of the better ones, he wants revenge regardless of what happens and he works for it. He fills his mind with details about Epics, their abilities and what they can do. And what he doesn’t have, he always makes up for it by  being quick witted in thinking. It is one thing that makes him a compelling character, seeing as how he is driven and obsessed with only Steelheart. But I do admit that he is flawless even if his motivations is intriguing, but I never see him really suffer for it either way. 

As for the real lack of any female representation, I know that this is catered to men. I do like the concept and understand it, and there has been an interesting twist on a female character here. But I would have a little more on them, have them be a little more involved. Megan is mostly involved in this and I did feel emotion for her when she died, and what she turned out to be was shocking. However, I would have liked her more if David wasn’t so focused on how infatuated he is with her. Which is true and he admits. It’s more of her looks than her abilities here which makes him love her. 

But the plot, the world was something that I did enjoy reading about. A world where superheroes basically are villains, they kill, they hunt, they rob. And I do like how David’s father was, who dreams of Epics who do not want to kill. But I like this series so far, despite having some flaws which are quite existent in his other books. 

Overall, I really like this book for the concept and the worldbuilding and the plot especially. There were simply so many clever twists which I never expected, and thus I would recommend this book for those who enjoy books about superheroes with a twist to it and a main character whose motivations doesn’t feel forced. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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