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Poisoned Blade 

Like the book before it I am merely bored by this book. Jessamy here has improved from how she was in Court Of Fives, but not by much with her character itself. She is just mostly boring, and takes part in the Fives court, afterwards tries to do everything. But it remains mostly boring to read. 

One thing I did like was the lack of any romance here, there was simply no time for it. Jesamy really has a lot more on her plate than to think about a Prince, neither does she spend every waking moment pining over him which for once was enjoyable. 

But the subplots, what about it? It was simply too much, in the end I got way too confused as to where it was even heading. One minute we have Jesamy entering the court, and the next she runs off. And then, they didn’t really end well with me either, seeing as how some ends were left tangled for so long with it dragging on for most of the book itself.

The most intriguing character as of now has to be Menoë, still liked her more than Jesamy. And I was right about that she is not what she seems, and despite it all her past seems a little more interesting than the block of wood that is Jesamy. It’s like to her nothing really changes, I don’t feel her emotions about wanting to save her family or anything. Even if it’s anger, it was mostly meh to me. 

I do like how a little more of the world was revealed. Besides, why wasn’t the subplot on her baby brother being not human not even elaborated it just feels like an add-on now, even though I hoped that something would come off of it. But most of it was spent at the Fives court, running the games, going from one place to another, thinking about Jesamy’s sisters. Basically, a book without any focus and too many subplots. 

Overall, I do admit that Jesamy no longer dooms her own family. Instead, she tries and make a difference to them. But the book was dragged on for so long, and many subplots left hanging without making any sense whatsoever. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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