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Revenge And The Wild

I really enjoyed this book for what it was and actually being bold. Westie is enjoyable and has her own flaws, yet had her own traits which blends well into the plot. 

I do admit that Alistair is actually a pretty decent love interest, he is kind and supports Westie no matter what she does and is there for her and is trying live despite all he has suffered, he is mute because of his injuries and is a very nice nod to disabilities with his portayal. 

As for Westie making mistakes, it was something that I had been waiting for. So many interesting moments occurred when Nigel didn’t believe her for quite reasonable reasons, because she could very much simply escalate and Westie isn’t certainly the most clear-headed when it comes to the ones who murdered her family. And I did like how she was a good person, perhaps not enjoying her revenge but nonetheless wanting justice done. Her initial character was interesting, but what made me care for her in the end had been solely her actions. 

As for the world, it did get a little messy at times. I do feel as though that it wasn’t nearly as well explored as it should have been in this case of the werewolves, the other groups apart from vampires and the Wintu. And a very nice touch of steampunk, such as Westie’s arm. 

The plot was well made with so many good twists which I never saw coming yet would have made sense. And at the same time plays on the fact that Westie isn’t perfect in her observation, but is so when it has something to do with her. And so many constant twists which I never expected about James and even the mayor himself. I really was thinking that James was another man interested in Westie but turned out completely different. 

Overall, I really recommend this to those who want something different and quite deep in the wild west. And also, if you want to read a good portrayal of disabled characters, the two main characters are disabled and active within the book itself. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


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