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Outrun The Moon 

Mercy had my heart from the first chapter itself. She was a good character which I really related to her, her struggles and saw her journey to the end. And I do admit that she is one of the most unique characters lately, where I don’t feel as though she is so selfless nor is she perfect. But something in between, where she does make mistakes and see sacrifices being made by others. 

But most importantly, a diverse culture here is what I appreciated. And having them come together even though they originally kept to their own race, during an Earthquake which to me became a turning point in the story itself. 

Although it did drag a little towards the end, where I skimmed a couple of pages. And Mercy dealing with the death of her family, even though her father survived it. But to me, it was a dragging point of the book where I was more bored than anything else. The beginning had hooked me, in the hilarious way Mercy described herself sometimes, the culture here being rather authentic, there was still so many things that I didn’t know existed within my own culture. 

However, Mercy is what keeps the book together. If you don’t like her, I would suggest that you put this book down, as it will be all about her journey and struggles than anything else. This is a very character driven book and Mercy is what drives the entire storyline, since she is someone that makes things happen than anything else. Which to me, is a much better way to drive it than having a series of coincidences which lands her to a school here she finds her way around it and does everything to ensure she still can stay. 

Overall, I would say that this book is a good one for the young adult genre. Where it falls about adversity, people coming together to face adversity and during the Earthquake. All historical events, and having a very decent character at the centre of it. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 


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