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The Conjurer’s Riddle 

I would say that it is a pretty decent sequel, introduces new plots and characters. All the while keeping it to mainly about Charlotte and Grave, and exploring what happens if someone is resurrected from the dead itself. 

Once again, I do like Linnet more than anyone else here. She seems cool, fun to talk to and for once has some common sense. It seems that with Coe and even Jack, they felt quite immature to me. Charlotte isn’t a woman who needs to be protected, she had proven it over and over again. 

And thankfully despite this going into the love triangle section, it is beginning to change a little more here. With Both Jack and Coe having their faults, even moments where they might not be as good as they seem. But to me, they aren’t completely wrong, and Charlotte simply disagrees with her own personality as it is. 

I do admit that Charlotte did carry the story on many occasions, with Grave being the main pivot of it all. He is what almost everyone is after, with hopes of replicating his father has done. Which to me is the main storyline here more than anything else. Being in a war, and Grave is a sort of invention that would make all come for him. Makes a lot of sense if you ask me. And Charlotte simply wishes to protect him. 

Overall, I do like how this set up the next book in many occasions. Introducing the other characters and setting up the final book which is clear. But lacked a little on its own conflict and does suffer from the middle book syndrome due to how it was ran. But I do like where it is heading and the further exploration of the characters and the world itself. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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