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Carve The Mark 

My real issue with this book is that it is just so dull that I can barely remember almost anything about the story. I didn’t hate the book but I didn’t have any joy from reading it, and it was just so dull I skimmed the last part. 

Cyra, is a sort of weapon. I lost interest in her in the beginning already, she was uttelry boring having almost no emotion whatsoever, and to make it worse when narration was dull. Akos is also as dull as Cyra is, his chapters and her chapters, I couldn’t bloody care about any of them in the least. Even less about the supporting characters. Most of them went way over my head in how they acted. 

The world was so simplistic and the dialogue just boring and not intriguing me to know more about this galaxy and world. It’s just two planets, a solar system and I barely know anything else. It went over my head because of how monotonous the book was. Boring, and failed to keep my attention in the least. I couldn’t even remembered what was mentioned because I simply wasn’t engaged in this. It felt more like a chore that I have to read(I dislike dropping books). 

I can safely say that the writing was what ruined it for me, seeing as how Cyra were developed did seem interesting, except I never even saw what she was raised for. In fact, I expected it at the very beginning. I didn’t have high hopes for Akos which also seemed to be a letdown, as he could help her think about her reality and how it is completely different. And also at the same time provide another narration. 

Nope, both are just so dull that all details flew over my head, the conversations so plain that I barely remembered any of it. Overall, I cannot even rate this book highly. I can barely even remember what to recommend for this book, it’s just that I read it, and skimmed it because I wasn’t even able to connect to the characters nor even enjoy the book at all.  

Rating: 2 out of 5


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