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Frost Like Night 

This was a decent ending to a series. I didn’t dislike where it headed in the least, nor did I hate where it went as well. Overall, I do enjoy this series even though it’s mostly pure enjoyment. 

I think what made me like this a little more than Ice Like Fire is that there was more on Meira struggling to accept her own death, and since it is in first person. It depends heavily on the main character itself. And her struggle here made me like her quite a bit more than the last book. She was struggling then, but here was where she had a turning point which I enjoyed the direction it took. 

As for the alternating points, I do admit that it is what I should expect in a war. There is just too much and if I constantly read Meira’s struggles all the time, I would be bored and wonder where the heck is everything else doing. As for Rares and Oana, they are quite interesting and at least should have more depth than that. I was expecting him to have a little more quirks, he’s a centuries old dude, he probably has picked up some strange things. I highly doubt that he spent it all locking himself and dealing with monarchs who grow out of hand. 

As for the romance, I do admit that it felt as though it overtook quite a bit in the middle part and dragged quite a lot. I didn’t really find it fluffy nor completely unnecessary. But I do admit that it just didn’t feel like a war to me. At all. 

As for Angra, I was hoping that he would have been explored a little more and well his motives isn’t even hella clear to me. And as a villain, he honestly is boring. Same for Theron, I was expecting a little twist that you know what, Theron followed him of his own will. I was hoping that that would happen, and Angra had a little more depth, he barely had an appearance within this book itself.

Meira most certainly didn’t spend time understanding our major villain, and most of it went to worrying over her life which is legit. But I just want to see Angra being far more a threat, because he just seems so weak in his attempts to crush Meira. 

Overall, I do admit that the ending is nice. Though not what I had expected in terms of the book, but all came together and at least Meira no longer has any magic. And the consequences of it is clear as well, but it dragged quite a bit and less was actually focused on the war they were fighting, figuring out Angra and even outsmarting him. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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