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The Crown’s Game 

You know what, I really couldn’t be bothered to read most of the book. The only part which intrigued me was towards the end where Nikolai died and potentially would be revived. If not, I was bored out of my mind with this book. 

To me, I had expected a more dangerous game. One where actual magic was used and thrown, not just reading love sick teenagers trying their best to kill each other, but really doing absolutely nothing to say they want to win the game.

The game itself had terms which made sense, and reasons why only one should exist was logical. And the ending does leave quite a lot more to be thought. But the middle was just so dreadfully boring, I completely forgot what was it about.

The magic system interested me, in many ways. Although at times, it felt a little ridiculous to be honest. Vika could do quite a lot, Nikolai, simply couldn’t be bothered. Since I had been bored out of my mind until the last few pages. Where something interesting had happened. 

The insta-love wasn’t as annoying as expected, just the complete lack of any tension of any sort about the game. It was like waiting for the glorious game you wanted only to find that it is mediocre and easy to break.  

But the tension and pacing was what killed me in this book. Even more than the cardboard characters which plagued the book. Though I liked the mother the most, and Vika nor Nikolai or even any characters had any depth of any sort. Even the love triangle to me was boring as hell, and quite unnecessary. It would have been better that Pasha did it out of other interests. 

And that the role of the imperial enchanter had been something which intrigued me quite a lot. I wanted to know more how it fitted in with this world, how it was part of the monarchy. I also wanted more intrigue with each other, seeing that the imperial enchanter was at court. 

I wanted more about the conflicting interests, and watching other people supporting Vika, nobility, the common. But nothing makes sense as there are no stakes involved, no threats to make them make a choice and even no conflict other than the two fell in love with each other the moment they met. 

As such, I really cannot rate this book highly as it was only interesting towards the end. The rest had flew over my head, or simply let me down in expectations. 

Rating: 2 out of 5


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