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These Broken Stars 

A pretty interesting kind of sci-fi. One that managed to keep my interest without me either losing it half way or completely having no interest whatsoever. 

What do I feel about this book? It’s not just about aliens, but also with romance. One which I could like and even enjoy, as they are simply stuck in a situation which they have no control of. They have no ability to control it, and they managed to do it well and controlled it. 

I really like how these two main characters have their own problems, one is a war hero and the other the richest girl in the galaxy. Lilac had plenty of weaknesses, and spent most of the first half being useless, but it’s reasonable and understandable when comapred to the soldier who spent years outside and had experience and training to handle such situations. 

But the most important thing is that they both are vulnerable, not even the Major was perfect in every way as well. He had his own moments of weaknesses, and vulnerability. 

Both have their strengths and skills, seeing as how they were brought up. Nor even Lilac had a life of luxury where she had freedom of choice. And what she does at the end is clearly well handled and even thought out enough for me to like them. 

The plot may seem simple, and ends with many questions as well. What are the secrets lying behind Lilac’s father, he is sketchy, really really sketchy. I mean what kind of father acts like he did to his own daughter. Most of the time, it felt more to me that Lilac had been his possession and no one else could have her. 

And the entire planet itself, there is just so much more than what appears on the surface. Even until the end, it is a mystery. One I hope will be explored later on. The love here for me was realistic, they are all simply surviving, not needing to kill each other, but developing feelings after who close they were, how dependent they were on each other to me was something I could understand. Well, I like them together. 

Overall, I really enjoy this book and work continue with this trilogy as well. It is definitely one of the better books I have managed to pick up in weeks, in the midst of mostly horrible books. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 


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