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The Sin Eater’s Daughter

Finally, a book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Never did I think from the beginning that this was what awaited me, within the book itself had been so different from the title. It represents so little of Twylla’s identity get represented her perfectly at the end. 

I really like this book because of just how conflicted the main character is, she had been taught to believe that she could kill. With so much proof of her abilities, that even I was convinced. Except until the lie, and everything from there was a different sort of story. One which I greatly enjoyed. 

The plot here gives us so much, such as her not having any poison at all(quite expected) but its reveal earlier than I thought, only to find a whole new conspiracy behind it, and why Twylla became Daunen Embodied. 

So much was really well explained, and hinted earlier upon on. And the villain has such a major presence, and we know that she is the main villain of the book from the start with enough development to be interesting really. She is cruel, but a person who knew how to eventually get back the support of her people. She is politically smart, and merely a cruel vicious woman. Nothing else really. 

As for the live triangle, I didn’t hate it. Both Merek and Lief had their own issues, even I didn’t expect what Lief was revealed to be in the end. As for Merek, he was far more than just a typical prince, either too idealistic. But he seems well aware what kind of mother he has, and the lengths she is willing to go to. And in the end, wherever she went was deserving of her, and her end was something fitting to her. 

As for the actual plot, it was a rather twisty ride, even more so than my usual. It had been different and never let me down, apart from being sin eater, to Daunen Embodied to eventually realise her life had been a lie, and another had been nothing more than a liar. I really enjoyed this, it had been a book which I was waiting for for quite some time. Had been on a really bad book streak for a while. 

Overall, I read enjoyed this book and where it headed. It most definitely was not to my expectations and I recommend this to those who really hopes for something different.


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