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The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

I would say that this is one that took me a long time to read, and I did enjoy every bit of it. Every single page was rather different from what I have read. This book indeed goes through a bizarre journey, with so many twists and turns which I could barely even see and understand. Most importantly, is that it made me enjoy this book a lot more than any other. This bizarre set of characters and plot .Ade me curious as to the work is. 

And for once, I do admit that this is quite a different sort of book. One that explores many philosophies, the possibility of abilities and also a lot of sometimes hard to grasp concepts. But to me, this was a refreshing and original work. With the characters each being rather unique, and the villain in a way not a complete villain. His abilities weren’t really known much until the end, or even explained. But whatever I got to me was enough and even sufficient. The rest, well is up to your imagination. 

It really goes a totally different way, and well made me enjoy reading from a completely different light and even really like this form. I do admit that his style cam be rather different, especially here and towards the end where it does get bizarre. But to me, I really enjoyed it. 

From the slow pace and eventually the disappearances of his wife, to May Kasahara, Malta Kano, Creta Kano, Lieutenant Mamiya, Mr Honda, to even Nutmeg and Cinnamon. They were a strange and bizarre cast, and really piqued my interest. Such as the abilities within here, especially evident in Malta KaNo and Nutmeg, a strange and unexplained abilities, Creta Kano. To the mystery of someone who never speaks but has really high IQ. This is bizarre and well, the right kind for me. 

So, I would say pick this book up if you want something new. If you want to see something else rather than the typical explainable book, this really cannot be explained with still a lot left to interpretation. And the ending, quite open and interesting really. So, to me, the most important piece of advice when it comes to picking up this book. 

Just consider whether you want to be thrown into a really bizarre book, one that really makes you think and wonder about the principle of life, and one that will have you questioning several things later. Such as the two worlds, one where it is crossed over, the other still here. And one where there are going to have unexplained abilities and mysteries which are barely even categorized. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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