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A Conjuring Of Light 

This was a definitely satisfying kind of ending. And I have to admit that Kell didn’t seem so perfect her, he is just really too selfless for his own good. To me, I believe that Lila had a little more realism in her than he does. And well, I did think that Holland would have died either way. 

I would say that how it ends, definitely is a happy one. But given the characters, I was going to expect such an ending. But to me, I do see that Kell doesn’t exactly want to stay within the palace and neither would he just remain there so the actual ending, is one that I can accept and make do with. To me, Kell never strike me as one who would remain home. And well, I would expect Lila to just leave when it’s the best time to. 

As for all the Londons and magic, everything comes together nicely and ends as well. Though the most hilarious part had to be when someone sold probably the world’s most precious object. I’m not even kidding. It’s pretty funny, but given how little was known about it, I’m not blaming him in the least that he just decided to sell it. It is what ends the story, and the magic that is consuming the world. 

But perhaps, I wanted to see Grey London a little bit. See how it would affect them as well. And you know enter England at the time period of George IV. And maybe have Lila face up to her past just a little. But this book was satisfying and would definitely satisfying those fans of this. 

Just like the beginning of an epic fantasy series, now I see the end of it. In a good light, I do think that all the endings suit the characters. On the other, some has been quite a little bit of letdown. But overall, this would satisfy all fans who desperately want to read the book and are a fan of the series. 

And well, it’s an ending that is still open and is completely up to your interpretation. A happy ever after for Kell really, since his entire life he has been kept chained by royalty. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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