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Awesome Blogger Award 

This in an award for the absolutely wonderful writers across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add to happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. This is what truly defines an awesome blogger. 

Here I am being nominated for my second award. I never expected that I would be nominated for another award so soon, thank you ceolsige for nominating me. Your blog is awesome too. 

Also, credits to the creator of this award, dreamingofguatelmala.  

Here are the rules: 

Thank the person who nominated you 

Include the reason behind the award 

Include the banner in your post 

Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward 

Answer the questions the nominator gave you

Nominate at least five awesome bloggers 

Give your nominees ten new questions to answer 

Let your nominees know they have been nominated 

Her ten questions:

1. For me, it would be a mix of music, anime and books. But mostly it’s a lot of anime and music. On the occasion will books give me some weird ideas, but it’s mostly anime which piqued my creativity and drove me to creating and a lot of what I consumed eventually worked its way into my work. 

2. The fact that I always never stop thinking about the next idea, even if I do not immediately work on them. Sometimes I would end up discouraged, but quickly pick myself up. Since I tend to forgive rather easily and just move on, rather than harp around the past. I can see that it is another of my strength seeing that this is where it brought me. Also, the belief that whatever I do is right, that helped in maintaining this blog and writing as much as I do. 

3. My most favourite author so far, would probably be Kirsten White for the time being. Mostly because of how And I Darken impacted my life, as it was the most perfect sort of book. And that became a reason why I loved anti-heroes and even complex characters. It had been pulled off so well by her. I still cannot wait for the sequel to come. 

4. On some level, I think I’m actually most similar to being like my zodiac animal. A real snake. I strangely like the cold, even if I live in a humid country. I am also pretty lazy if you ask me. 

5. Still teleportation, there is nothing more useful than that. And really, all I want to do is to go into fictional worlds and try and understand them on a deeper level. Also, maybe I would try going back into history, then it would make research so much easier. 

6. My favourite character that I have written so far is Wu Cai Lin (from Hidden Within Dawn), since she is a girl who counts on her intelligence, and wits above anything else. And well, I like her for how comfortable she is with herself, that she likes playing puzzles, but still able to scheme, outsmart when it is necessary. Another reason why, is that she is a verbal badass. 

7. I blog because well, I wanted to find a place for my thoughts about books which are all over the place. And well, it did contribute to the blog name after all since it’s mostly my thoughts and feelings about writing, books, anime or any storytelling medium really. 

8. Being able to successfully draw something, other than stick figures and barely understandable drawings. It is the one talent that I would love to have, yet still hasn’t even shown a miniscule of talent for it. 

9. It will be pop ballads, I rather like tragic music sometimes. And it inspires me quite a lot to write. And that I love them with a slightly darker theme added to it. So mostly music with really dark and tragic overtones, I always end up loving that mind of music. 

10. Trying to finish a novel(which I am so close at, just 13 more chapters of a really massive work) after nearly two years of promising myself that I will finish something(it has a lot to do with the story not working out in the least). Trying to balance having a blog and school, since this year is extremely important to me(O levels, not a fun thing to have). 

My five nominees:

AMBradley-Your blog has been really insightful about writing, not just about the craft aspect but also about the more social and getting themselves known 

Glenniswritingabc-the tips which you offer are helpful and clearly very insightful towards the craft of writing. 

Natashasapienzablog– I really like your blog for its tips about writing and how it really is spot on. 

Novelty Revisions– it is the blog for writers who want to become freelance writers, and offers a lot into blogging as well. 

Rantandraveaboutbooks-a place with a lot of book reviews and also discusses trends within books usually, and the common tropes. And I really like their style. 
Ten questions:

1. What do you think is your best traits?

2. What inspired you to start a blog?

3. What do you tend to do to get inspired to write a post?

4. If you had the chance to tell something to your past self, what would it be? 

5. What is your favourite meal of the day?

6. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

7. What is the one thing that you are thankful for?

8. Would you move out of your home country if given the choice?

9. What is your favourite song?

10. What is your ideal vacation 


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