4 stars · Adult · Fantasy · Reviews · Romance · Young Adult


This was one dark, painful and beautiful ride. The book itself reads like a really dark fairytale, the myths and the tales. The magic and the laws. They were all dark and filled with unknowing price tags that they would have to pay. 

Even Liesel, should she become a goblin queen would have the problem of losing what she loved. What she had. And most importantly, what had always belonged to her. 

The Goblin King too, where he had been the King because he had to be. He who loved games, and he who is an antihero. For forcing Liesel to become his queen and using Kathe to achieve that. And yet, he would make you care for him in some strange manner. His entire character, is one complex one. He is rather pitiful at times, and yet you would feel that he has his own problems too. 

As for Liesel and her siblings, their relationship was developed well and complex in their own right. The way that Liesel would never amount to anything as compared to Kathe and even Josef. One who was well liked and loved, Josef with his talent in music. 

And that she chose to sacrifice herself for her sister, even though at moments there are jealously. There are issues. There are also selfishness between them. This book isn’t driven by the plot, it is purely by the characters. The Goblin King was interested with her, and hence he did all that. Liesel also faces a lot of issues, a lot of problems. And unexpectedly at the end managed to find herself and become comfortable with herself. 

As for music, I loved its motif. Perhaps it’s the fact that I also have learned quite a bit of music in my life, but it was always suitable. Such as when Liesel composed, and she thought that every note to her needed to be revised and thought out. That is the truth for all musicians too, same even for any other writers or artists. I really liked the music overtone and showing me that Liesel was a musician rather than just telling me that. 

But the main issue is that it takes a long time, and often it is very painful and very bleak. So, for those who do not want something as dark without anything light to balance it out, avoid this book. It would make you feel and destroy you too. And that it often dragged at certain points too. 

The ending however isn’t horribly tragic or even sad, it is one where there is hope yet Liesel lost something. 

I would recommend it to those who like romance such as this, a lot of times painful and bleak. All the while having each character be developed in a poignant way. And also, if you prefer fast paced action book, this isn’t the book for you. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


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