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What Inspires My writing?

Inspiration is what inspires us to write. Without it, we all wouldn’t have picked up writing in the first place. It all comes down to this one thing: that crazy story idea which we cannot stop thinking about before pushing us to write. 

A lot of things inspire my writing, but I will list them down here what shapes my works the most and what defined it what it is today. I won’t be listing all forms, but just the most important ones.  

Even though I review novels, it isn’t the one that inspires it the most. And most often than not even for novels which has a large place in my heart it doesn’t really inspire my works as much as it seems. 

For me, here are my two greatest inspirations (I just couldn’t settle on the third, and it didn’t have as heavy an impact as the previous two). 

#1 Anime And Manga 

I’ll admit this, I have read plenty of anime and manga whenever I have the time. And this shapes my work quite a bit too. Seeing as how much my works takes after the style of anime, I use arcs to measure the length of a story and I rarely plan books differently. 

I also love to focus on characters and finding comedy within really dark works. So, anime and manga to me is quite perfect given that most have long arcs, balances out comedy and the really dark moments. And tends to be a lot more well planned than most novels. And sometimes holds a lot more deeper meanings, I originally stayed away but now I realise that I liked it even more than novels. 

Most importantly, in anime, I learned a lot of foreshadowing and how they can be utilized and even used to the best of its ability. And sometimes, it is using traits that has been present from the start of the series to speculate what future events are. 

I would say that for me, I learned quite a lot from anime which helped shaped my works. 

#2 Music

Music had really inspired my writing and shaped characters quite a bit. And also a lot of plots too. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me now that I see that I listen to mostly anime soundtracks, which can help to set a certain tone or mood. Most of the time I find music with a certain darker undertone to be really enjoyable. And soundtracks of anime that I like to, since a lot of the songs does represent the story well. 

And a lot of time, I also can be seen singing to myself to seeing scenes play out in my head according to soundtracks. 

These two are mostly what influenced my works the most, and I want hear what inspires your work below. 


4 thoughts on “What Inspires My writing?

  1. I used to watch a lot of anime. I never seem to be able to find the time these days. But the stuff I used to watch was always a bit too strange or extreme to function as a good source of inspiration for me.

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    1. Same here, I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to do that these days. Same thing for books, it doesn’t really serve as a good source of inspiration because most of them were too linear, and only on occasion did I really find a book with extremely memorable characters and development.

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  2. Great discussion post!
    Even though I am primarily a novel reviewer and have yet to come up with my own stories, I feel as though it takes inspiration even to write book reviews because I try to diversify my writing style according to a specific theme that I sense from the novel that I am reviewing.
    Strange as it may sound, I’ve noticed that windows, yes, windows, have inspired my creativity immensely. Before writing a review, I spend loads of time simply sitting in front of my apartment window watching the world as it passes by below. The feeling of observing the world from a distance and reflecting on the novel I am about to write a review on stirs my creativity because I am trained to pay attention to the little details of everyday life and render them important to the frame of my writing.

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    1. I agree too, sometimes even I need to find inspiration for book reviews as well. My well used trick is writing review right after I have read the book where everything will still be fresh in my mind.

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