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The Wrath And The Dawn 

I just couldn’t immerse myself into this. I really couldn’t even connect with Shazi at all. I really could barely understand why all of a sudden they loved each other. Why all of a sudden she was married to him. The writing style, simply didn’t worked for me. 

I would say that it became so tedious for me to read through and I skimmed through most of it. And I really couldn’t care less about Khalid or even Shazi. Both of them were incredibly flat characters that there wasn’t anything interesting to really draw me in about them. 

As for the actual plot, I find that there wasn’t anything that drew me in. It felt as though I was reading about the romance, reading only about them. As for the actual mystery, the actual intrigue. If it happened, I wouldn’t be scratching my head as to what is happening and trying my best to not fall asleep as I read this. And be so uncaring that I completely forgot what the book is about at the end. 

So for me this didn’t work out. The style was a little strange, but rather okay. But the content was just so boring that I completely forgot about it. 

It was just so unremarkable that I can barely remember it. And Shazi and Khalid’s romance couldn’t even salvage this book, and I don’t even know why they fell in love with each other. It just seems so sudden, that he loved her. So sudden that Shazi is with him. It just became so unclear in my mind what was going on in the book. I clearly don’t care what happened in this book either. 

Except for one point where Khalid is seen revealing more about himself, and how he ended up becoming a ruler. That does seem rather plausible and nice too. And the only point where I read the story and remembered it. 

So, I would say that this book isn’t recommended by me. Since it was just so normal that I didn’t bother to remember the plot, and all the culture flew over my head. Just like Carve the Mark, which made it difficult for me to remember what just happened in it. 

Rating: 1 out of 5


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