4 stars · Fantasy · Reviews · Speculative Fiction · Young Adult

Strange The Dreamer 

What do I think about this book after everything? I enjoyed the way it explored dreams, about them coming true, about them being fulfilled only to have a cruel twist waiting at the end. And this story clearly does that, even though before it is plenty of wish fulfillment for Lazlo. A girl who understands and even looks forward to him, one who doesn’t dismiss his dreams as nothing. All the more the characters here are all developed and fleshed out. 

The entire dream revealed at the end was clearly good. The way that it seemed unreal and that he and Sairai met a few times before loving. Yet, it never came off as strange to me that they would eventually love each other. Now that takes skill to make me not think that it is instalove. 

As for her writing, I have finally gotten used to the way it is written. Rather simple, yet has a very unique touch. I guess I didn’t enjoy her previous book because of it. Here, I feel as though, it should have been written like this. Sometimes short, sonetimes quick. Sometimes playful, sonetimes dark. 

Besides you would be utterly fascinated with Lazlo and where his dreams might bring him. Whether it is about gods, the godslayer or any other thing. Lazlo’s fascination is what draws him to Sairai and the ending clearly shows why he would have been obsessed. 

There are many unexpected twists here, really the way that so many characters have a part to play. Some which you think may have an important part but reveals himself to only have a small part. Also, I really like is the characters who managed to gain a personality, many were memorable and unique. 

And a lot is on the romance, although you don’t have to root for the main couple. And the twist at the ending will be really change how this book is. But a lot of emotions, a lot of passion and the ability to dream. I mean, Lazlo is a guy who spends seven years just writing his own works, without anyone even seeing it at the end. And that he is always dreaming. 

But the weakness lies between the fact that it could have been faster, to me at least. And that it does feel disjointed at the end, from what I was reading at the beginning(it turns quite late in fact to the gods). About godspawn and the gods and how it was revealed. Even though I would say that the world is build really well, and that to me it feels like one unique world. The way that Lazlo often keeps his head in the clouds and the mystery of Weep. 

And really, I like How the theme goes back to being careful of having dreams come true. At least dreams thag don’t need you to work hard or earn it. The way that the ending ends, I would say is quite fine and all. So, would I recommend this? Yes, feel free to check it out. Since I didn’t really enjoy Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but found myself devouring this. So, anyone can really read it and enjoy it. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


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