Turning An Idea Into A Novel

An idea is this spark of inspiration we have in our heads, not all of it would be a good thing. Some might be so elusive that you never manage to find the real core of the novel. Some would be easy to find. But before you write that idea into a novel, it is best to figure a couple things out first. 

But this is mostly a guide for those who have a lot of trouble trying to start a story. Or often find it leading nowhere. For me, pantsing wasn’t always the best as often somewhere in the middle, it lead to nowhere at all. And when I planned just a little, it helped me keep on track. 

#1 An Idea Cannot Sustain A Novel 

There is so much more to it, characters, plot, themes, you need all this. You cannot just rely on the premise to get by. There is still a lot more that you can do, and a lot more that you can choose to do. An idea is only a small fragment, and the beginning spark. You need so much more than that to last through a novel. 

#2 Know That An Idea Doesn’t Always Work

Sometimes this happens, sometimes we cannot help it in the least. We can only say that we have done our best, but not all ideas are workable. I threw out quite a few from my early days which had very little reason to exist. And the whole entire core of the story made little sense to me. The idea can eventually become hard to develop and you just cannot find that spark. It is okay. As a writer, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. You can leave it alone, since you simply don’t find the kind of inspiration to keep on going. 

#3 Let Yourself Experiment 

There isn’t a need to be sticking it into one way, you can choose other methods. You can choose to look through another angle. Sometimes you just don’t have the benefit of getting the first try right. Then try again, and again. Writing isn’t just done once, it can be done over and over again to your satisfaction. If one way doesn’t work, try another. Or take a break then come back. And experimenting can let yourself know what could work as a novel. 

Overall, this are all my tips on turning an idea into a novel. I think that the idea only starts to push you into writing a novel, but it will not give all the tools to finish one. If you have anything to add, please leave it below. 


4 thoughts on “Turning An Idea Into A Novel

  1. If the idea doesn’t have enough fuel for a novel, you can always put it in a short story. Most of my concept-based stories end up in the short story file.

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    1. True, I also find myself doing some of my less developed ideas for short stories, sometimes finding a surprise instead(I wrote one and found myself thinking up of ideas that can be turned into a novel, or even a series.)

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    1. Thanks, as for the tapering out, that did happen to me quite recently (7000 words in, and I got the feeling that something was wrong.) And well, I quickly moved on. And I hope you will figure out what you can do with that idea soon.


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