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This was a case of exceeds expectations, given that I didn’t come with much and found myself enjoying this tale. 

Jade is a typical main character, but she feels realistic, insanely relatable. Sometimes she needs to deal with things that aren’t too good, deal with things on her own. And at the same time, she doesn’t have anyone helping her. She is on her own and a lot of her own decisions, she must pay the price to get there. Take the risks even. 

That was why I liked her, loved her even. Because nothing ever came easy to her, nor did anything fell into her lap. I guess this was why I became invested, to know whether Jade could survive this. That was why I became interested in this show. 

Another bonus is how little the romance take up the book. And for most of it, she doesn’t have the chance to meet him and does think of him as a villain. Only when it was revealed and shown to her that he wasn’t one then it became believable. And she wasn’t flawless due to the reason why she believes in her uncle, it’s common sense. 

Even though I could see everything coming from a mile away. I knew who killed her father, who caused all this. Not that difficult, not that hard either. Around half of it I figured it out. But all that kept me reading was the reason why her father died, and found myself looking at a pretty good and exciting tale.  

The world was interesting, travellers, dragon-verse, all of this was interesting. The culture that was developed nonetheless was interesting, really interesting to read if you ask me. 

Overall, I really liked this book for the way the main character was so utterly relatable. She neither was given any sort of special treatment and honestly nothing came easy to her. She had to work for it, make a gamble. And this is why I like this book, it is a tale of someone discovering the horrible truth. A girl who is true to herself and kind of heart. Although I prefer more morally grey characters, this proved to be an interesting tale. Straightforward, predictable but one that I recommend to all. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


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