The Falconer 

This book was quite decent. One which explores the Fae as monsters, but of different kinds. It was a rather interesting angle, and Aileana proved to be an interesting character. 

Although not trained from young to be a badass, neither it is about her knowing her powers. It is about how the world would be put into danger. And Aileana isn’t an idiot, nor does she constantly whine about everything. Although the book steered in a direction which was predictable yet having so many unexpected plot twists. 

As for the love triangle here, it is one that isn’t irritating or even annoying. It isn’t one that takes up a lot of space. One is Gavin, who she ends up being engaged to yet I doubt she has any feelings for, Kiaran, I’m not too sure about her feelings for him. Not even the least bit sure. 

As for the secrecy part, on some level it makes sense yet on another it doesn’t really make any sense too. I get it that it is to going to look insane to them, but Aileana had to lie so much to Catherine. And really, isn’t it that hard not to find someone to confide too. Even though I love Catherine because she is always so trusting, and never cut off ties with her. 

I don’t really find anything that really stood out, even though I grew through fifty pages. But the later part, although okay didn’t make me feel anything for it. Although everything was okay, it just didn’t feel like my taste. It just didn’t work. 

The world was interesting, at the fairies, at the steampunk even though it seemed to have just been inserted inside without much thought of what came next. 

But this book was really okay, it was good and decent. However, it didn’t captivate me. It didn’t make me think constantly about their characters. It’s a case of its not you its me. So please feel free to check it out. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


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