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Nascent Shadow

It began by having some interesting parts, before it really became a matter of confusion for me. Who was the main character? I don’t really know her, and I couldn’t really enjoy the narration.

The world was especially unclear to me, and in this case maybe a little spoon-feeding wouldn’t be so bad. Since I barely know what the world is all about, and I’m utterly confused to the mentions of dragons, enchantresses and you the sort of thing. Yet, no in depth translation is actually given to tell me about this world.

And the narration, at first was okay, then eventually became emotionless and incredibly dry. I couldn’t even care about any of them in the least. And Brooklyn was a rather interesting narrator, before she descended into one which I couldn’t click with her and neither did I enjoy her.

And something about the plot also passed me too, along with the way that writing was structured and done. It just wasn’t to my taste again, although it is rather refreshing but at the same time, it was confusing after a while. And well, you could see why I didn’t enjoy it. It just went down to how the world was never truly explained, some clues were given but there were so many parts where I wouldn’t have minded telling, since I wouldn’t be so lost.

Although, it started with a bang, but it descended into chaos and confusion.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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