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Blood Memory Society

The one thing I do really like is how it blends science and explains it in a way that I can understand. If it was solely about fertility and all the dry science, I would have slept. But most of the explanations are understandable, simple and easy to digest in a way. That is the best part of the book really.

Although William was a good character who gets dragged into this mess of the Blood Memory Society, always with reveals that is linked to the Blood Memory Society. However, I didn’t relate with him, whenever I read through his viewpoint it just didn’t grab me. A good narrator with his clarity and having a good story to tell, there just was something that lacked here. It just didn’t click with me.

Same for the other characters. I didn’t think Victoria was developed enough, or even quirky enough since she probably has the longest memory in the world. And there just wasn’t enough development on her, since she probably would have a lot more problems and some issues from remembering too much. And also, what about past feuds.

It took an interesting concept, made it possible through DNA, but I feel that there wasn’t really an exploration of the impact that it would leave on the human mind and the characters wasn’t really all that unique, how should I say it, Victoria was a little on the normal side, yet she doesn’t really complain of anything that it does. She is rather laid back, but that’s all I really remembered about her.

The rest of the characters didn’t really became memorable to me, and well I guess I forgot them roughly apart from a guy named Tiny, and really the main characters and also Dr B. Nothing else really stood out to me.

Overall, I like the concept the explanation(thankfully it didn’t make my head hurt), but the characters felt flat to me, and while I guess it’s what killed this book for me, I just couldn’t connect and since I’m a character oriented reader, I also cannot really get into the story either.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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