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A Madness So Discreet

Initially, I thought that this would be purely about being in an asylum. But it went so much more than that, to bring about criminal psychology and mystery. Which to me, was a fine deal as it was.

I really liked Grace, since the beginning opens up by her having a child. A child which her own father puts into her, that is even more terrifying. Since it wasn’t her fault that she ended up carrying his child, and going into labour in a mental asylum. Thankfully, she manages to survive. And above all, she is a survivor. She never gives up, and neither does she ever forget what her father did to her. She seeks revenge, and that at times didn’t end up well for her. However, what she did in the ending, those words to her own father was perfect.

Thornhollow, was interesting. He and Grace have a working relationship, which isn’t romantic. But he cares for her and even does things for her, he protects her. And one time, he serves as her moral compass. I fully agree, since certain actions Grace undertakes isn’t the kindest, however Thornhollow disagreed and I think this is where they balance each other out.

He knows why she became like that, especially towards her own father. He raped her and when she got pregnant put her in an asylum. Even worse, was her own mother didn’t even protect her from this. And I could see why some had pity, but Grace is a lot more than that. She would survive no matter what she is put into.

Despite the lack of any romance, there is a very good set of friendships whcih Grace has. With Lizzy, with Nell and of course with Thornhollow. There isn’t a need for her to have someone save her soul, nor heal her heart. It is she who finds that kind of strength in the first place, and she who moves on. Even at times where Grace loses herself, her friends do help, her friends do understand and sometimes even covers for her.

Although this went from madness to being about.Murders and criminal psychology. I was always interested, always fascinated. And this was one which a lot about the mind, and one where a person’s background likely affected their actions and even forced them to do certain things.

Although this wasn’t so much about the madness, but a lot more on murders instead. And also, Grace getting justice done for herself, for all the other women who suffered under him. And this is a story about Grace, and eventually surviving her ordeal and moving on with her life.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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