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A Queen’s Spy

This is a case of mismatched expectations. What I expected form this was plenty of interesting conversations and finding out and also spying.

Here, I don’t even know where is the spying. All the characters are boring, and it was set in a time where Elizabeth did need a spy most. But I wanted more than this, it wasn’t to my expectations. It was not to my thoughts, and not to what I really wanted from this book.

And even more so, was that I really couldn’t click with any of the characters at all. Not even one of them made me interested in them. And really, I didn’t find where the plot was focusing about.

It was just all around the death of Edward VI, Mary. I did expect a lot more interaction than that, and a lot more of the Tudor Court than that. To my surprise, this didn’t really give me any of that. Some intrigue here and that, but it just wasn’t what I really wanted.

It just wasn’t what I wanted from this book, and that I couldn’t really click nor enjoy the story. This just wasn’t what I thought it would be. So, to me, it’s really just not to my taste and expectations.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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