4 stars · Historical · Steampunk · Uncategorized · Young Adult

This Monstrous Thing

A really satisfying read if you ask me, the way that it handles Frankenstein, blends everything together nicely. And also include the real author of Frankenstein in an interesting tale.

Set in a world of automatons, and definitely include a real life Frankenstein, Alasdair reviving his own brother and having a bigger secret to hide than just what is known. And also dealing when Olivier’s secret is revealed; and Alasdair needs to know who did it.

I really like this story for how it handles the plot, with the way Frankenstein was a form of retelling of Alasdair and Olivier’s story. Also what that reveals him to the world, forces them on the run and sets the whole plot into motion.

Also, including someone who is by his side the whole time until she married to be the person who wrote the book. Clever even, and that Mary preferred to be anonymous until she knew that it could stand on its own. And well, setting the whole plot into motion.

I think that this was driven by the characters very well, Mary’s inability to keep the truth and eventually lead to her writing a similar version of what Alasdair did which lead to Frankenstein. And Alasdair’s own guilt and secrets, as well as curiosity with clockwork.

Ad for Cleménce and Olivier, both are rather interesting although I do find that the person who drives the story is Alasdair and at the same time Mary.

The plot is simple and developed in ways I never really expected it to, pretty unpredictable but knowing this premise, it isn’t just a retelling, it could be a story behind Frankenstein which clears up all nicely at the end.

The ending was rather good to me, hopeful and open. Often a personal favourite of mine if you ask me what I think of this. So, do I recommend this? Well if you love Gothic retelling, and a touch of steampunk while you’re looking at it.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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