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Even without the knowledge of the previous book, I enjoyed Seeker. Strangely, there was charm in the main character which attracted me to her.

The way that telepaths are treated is bound to make anyone pity them. And this book really shows the horrible treatment, although I didn’t really the point that they were dangerous. Perhaps they could learn to control their abilties instead, not have them controlled.

As for her mother, she is a little crazy. Yep, I think she is. I mean, she doesn’t care much for her daughter yet will threaten other people. Finally, she still chooses to betray her daughter. And really, I don’t know much about the destruction this telepaths caused.

However, I really enjoyed the fast paced narration. The way that the experiments went on, and the fact that Hunter went through all that.

Although I do admit that there were moments where it didn’t really get to me, or even understand why it was so. It was just telling me, yet I never really felt as though I got the full picture. Perhaps a clearer way to judge this will have been better if she had known what the telepaths had done. I just didn’t understand in the least at all.

Overall, this was a rather interesting read. Though it wasn’t without its own flaws at all.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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