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The Dark Of The Moon

Finally a world with a character that I can relate to. Although Selena at times didn’t seem to be all that interesting, however it isn’t all that bad.

The writing was what really made me feel it was readable, with plenty of lush details yet never wavering from detailing about both characters. I do rather like Sebastian, and he is a rather good character.

And for once, I didn’t find it too glaring that I didn’t have any idea about the world. Be it about the paladins, but I get the sense of it, and the feeling that it gives immerses me in this world. For some reason, I just seem to be able to do it. Perhaps it was the writing, which I could really get into and the way that the author focused on all the things which would have drew me in. Characters which did manage to strike a connection with me.

Even if their development still needs work. And for once, I’m thankful since in most books having two POVs naturally means a loveline, which goes from okay, to downright ridiculous. And I do respect that both characters are capable people who don’t see the need for them to be married.

However on some level, it grew rather tedious and so I began to do what is called skimming. Dialogue wise, from time to time it’s okay, but sometimes I just didn’t want to read it at all. And the description also varied, since I prefer the type which gives me a very good glimpse into the character which was what it did. But at times, I also lost my interest.

However, overall given what I have been reading this was like a godsend. So, I would recommend this rather highly.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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