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A Poison Dark And Drowning

I gave this a full day to see how it will go, and I have zero interest in reading it further than the first half or so. And even then, it was one of the most boring things I have ever read.

Perhaps my taste has just changed too much. Henrietta is a magician, and in any young adult book book she has the eyes of many men. I think there were plenty of love interests introduced in book one. Magnus lost almost any interest in me when this book came.

But seriously, none of the characters stood out to me. Henrietta still is that naive girl, and really I don’t even know what makes her stand out. When she does nothing, and nothing really happens in the book. She doesn’t learn anything, she isn’t threatened. All she is doing is simply training, and well frankly it is boring.

There is no stakes which makes me care for her, neither is there any of them who make me even remotely interested in this book. Although there was a witch, and some new characters. But really, I don’t even want to care about any of them because they just don’t seem interesting enough to me.

And that I really think that the author have to figure out her pacing, because for half a book nothing much happens. Henrietta doesn’t grow, she doesn’t learn, and there are virtually no stakes. Take advantage of the fact that she is a magician, and she will be blackmailed. Just make something happen, but it didn’t.

And there is where you will lose me, when a book doesn’t have any reason why it should exist. And the book is mostly made up of fluff, but never anything that makes me want to care.

I received an e-ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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