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The Vanishing Throne

An awesome sequel if you ask me, it takes the whole Fae concept and twist it in a way that you have never seen it done. And well, this is something new to the genre and something which I didn’t refreshing and highly addictive.

What happens in this book? Aileana becomes a prisoner for a short while before she is rescued only to come home to a broken world, one which has fell apart due to the Fae. One which experienced three years without her.

And despite it not being what I thought, this was awesome. I found the entire book an enticing and worthy read due to its plotting and most importantly, it doesn’t suffer from the second born syndrome unlike most other books.

And that its take on the fairies are rather unique and refreshing, the reason behind the war between the Seelie Queen and Unseelie King, and also the true Queen of the fairies. It is all exciting and well thought out, to give a much darker version than what we get. And one that makes a ton more sense if you ask me, but only if you prefer a slightly darker version.

And for me, this follow up had everything I wanted to. Although at times it didn’t really satisfy me, but the entire sequel delivered very well and wasn’t to my expectations at all. It was so nice for it to exceed my expectations again, it has been so long since I read a book that made me crave the next.

And the twists are rather different, it doesn’t give you much hope but the ending would too. And the ending, sets up the next book very well, where the final ending would come. And do I recommend the series? Yes, though check out the first book to see if it is to your taste. However, as long as you want to read something quite unlike what you have before, or a new angle on fairies then it is for you.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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