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The Tudor Heritage

Set in the era of Britain which has always kept my interest, it does cover Elizabeth’s reign, although not quite in a way that I thought it will.

Although I was convinced that this was about Elizabeth’s reign, right at the center of it was the Allgraves. Who at time did feel interesting, and another time did not feel all that intriguing to me. That family and I have didn’t have that elusive connection, and for once, I did not really enjoy this book in the way it hoped I would.

However, I do feel that the writing is true to the time and does give me a very good narration, smooth and greatly reminds me of the earlier times. And well, I enjoyed each page even if the characters didn’t really connect with me all that well.

Also, the biography on Elizabeth’s life is all there. As you expect it, where moments that does make her human exist. Such as the times where she was forced to raised her hand against her cousin, and does provide a relatively relatable person that you can all know and relate too. Imperfect, but not entirely wrong either. And at the same time, she has some things on her consciences that will forever remain there. A skeleton in the closet.

For historical accuracy, this does the job very well. It doesn’t have any balant inaccuracies, and at the same time provide a very possible outlook on her character. Living true to her own moral philosophy of never marrying, and the way that she doesn’t seem all that certain way sort of foreign policy she wanted. Although centered around a family(which really didn’t connect with me) but this tale still has quite a bit on Elizabeth, and that is like I said, the highlight and main reason why I pick this book.

So, do I recommend you to read it? Yes, especially if you love historical fiction. Although it just really didn’t connect with me just on the characters and that did suck quite a bit of enjoyability of this book.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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