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I can say that this book proved to be a guilty pleasure. There wasn’t all too much on the explanations of what actually happened to the girls at St Joan’s, only that they recovered and eventually left.

The one thing that may actually hint it is towards the end, which I do think is fitting. There aren’t really any clear answers to this, apart from that. And well, I really wanted to have a clear explanation on all this mass hysteria, and also mysterious illness. The plot was really slow, but somehow I kept with it because there will be answers. In a sense, there are. And in a sense, it doesn’t really answer any of this happenings at all.

I found Ann’s story a bore, and I couldn’t care less at all. Apart from the part where she saw them hang, that was really the best of the best in terms of writing. But other times, it was boring me. I couldn’t even relate to them on the same level, and I was really bored as I dragged myself through her narration.

Strangely, I really like Colleen. And I do feel that it is fitting, and her reliability came with the fact that both she and I are dealing with immense amounts of stress(her with her grade point average and me, with my O levels and wish to get 6As.) Hence, this is where I think she clicked with me. A tad selfish, but somehow in her senior year, I could see why she would be.

So, overall, this boils down to choice regarding what you think. It is merely a phenomenon with a very vague answer at the end, one which I so desperately hoped would be expanded upon. It makes so much sense if you ask me, yet it is only given one to two pages to explain it and leave me utterly confused. But in recommendation, I’ll leave it up the reader.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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