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The Ninth Circle

Well, if you want to read this book refer to the last pages where the glossary is. Otherwise, you will be like me, asking constant questions, what are the ten circles, what are the difference creatures? Wait, what since when is there a new creature? Well, the author provided a very extensive glossary, but didn’t came in useful since it was at the back.

And I was thrown into this world without any cushion and look lightheaded to figure out what they all are. Nighthunters who hunt creatures or demons or whatever.

The only thing that did manage to ground me somewhat was the main characters. They were like a vessel to read through, and they did have some personality but really, I don’t even know what to make of them since both Tala and Avia are just there. I can read through them, the narration is smooth. But is there anything else that stands out? Nope.

As for the plot, would have worked better if I was not confused, just a teensy little bit of info dumping I would not have minded. But here, I was wondering what was going on. Is there even anything to help me? And well, I could barely imagine what the demons look like, and all the hidden nuances about the demons, the back story behind the characters which never seemed to really have a place or even spurred them on until the last quarter of the book.

And really again, nothing sucked me in. The writing was okay, and readable. The characters, in my eyes don’t exactly feel real yet. And the worldbuilding, please I beg of you, just do some info dumping, I don’t even understand any of what the characters are talking about. Except the go to bars, hunt demons and whatever I could figure it out.

My verdict: up to you.

I voluntarily requested a copy from Netgalley to review.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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