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Something about this book just clicked with me. Amidst having insta love, the most dangerous kind of love triangle where both of them want to protect her even if it means locking her in her own room. Yet, there was something that just kept me reading.

Now that I have gone past that, what I feel as though really dragged me into this book was the writing and also, the worldbuilding. How interesting was it? Storm hearts, stormlings and they are the rulers as they can control storms. That is really what controls them. It felt so wonderfully thought out yet there were moments where I think that it could have used more work, such as how they could take storms and turn it into theirs. Although I get it why it’s illegal.

As for Aurora, I don’t know why but I just like her. She doesn’t just exist for the love interest even if there are moments where she ends up judging herself by their expectations. Apart from that, strangely, she is more worried about her kingdom. She doesn’t want to end up at the submission of others, and well she doesn’t want to appear weak. And she does think things through a little bit, not just run away without a solid cover up. But I feel as though she needs a little more time just to learn it, the consequences are rather dire after what she did. And well, I feel as though she needs to know the full extension of them and learn from them.

But her wish to be strong is rather admirable. And also, something about her is revealed later which will surprise you. And it did really for me, something was there that shook me off and well, when I found what it was, I was clearly surprised yet having absolutely no clue how was this possible. One thing to say, the author played with me so well.

I think that the most important part of this was the unique worldbuilding, something clicked between Aurora and me, even though I like neither of the love interests. Aurora should just rule herself, once she learns a thing or two. One thing I have to admit was quite a disappointment: the Queen could have been utilized better than just discarded after her daughter left. I mean that woman survived her son’s death, her husband’s death, her daughter is only missing not brutally slaughtered. I can’t believe a character with so much badass potential was wasted like that. And well, I guess it is safely another issue of this book.

My verdict: you decide, there are problematic issues yet something about this book was incredibly additive which was why I liked it so much.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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