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I really don’t know why I kept on reading, even when I really cannot even seem to find a character to relate. Strangely, I just kept on reading.

The writing is excellent, and somehow really drew me in. Anything else really was difficult to relate to, but as long as it was the writing, I found it strangely entertaining and easy to read.

However, the plot and characters are not even memorable. Apart form the fact that it is set in the era of King James I, who happens to be a new king. And also one of the many colonies where settlers would eventually go to, I really don’t know what else about it. Nothing about the main character is really entertaining, and I can’t really remember anything about it at all.

And well, you could say that I only kept on reading because of the writing style. And also because I was slightly interested yet had no idea what was happening. I didn’t remember much from this book, but I really liked the writing.

So, how can I rate this? It won’t be high, since apart from the style I really didn’t feel anything about the story.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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