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I loved this book. Whether it was just an origin story of the Queen Of Hearts, or whether it brought me back to Wonderland together with a new character. And one that I so immensely liked.

For such a long time, I was really feeling agony for Catherine. She didn’t choose to be like that. She simply wanted to open a bakery, marry and hope that her parents would agree. In which they were just bloody clueless parents who ended up screwing their own daughter(I really wished I could see when they started to realise that if they just approved, she wouldn’t have ended up being the Queen Of Hearts.) And that is a tragic end, the one where I really hoped Catherine would have managed to convince them. But she didn’t, and they weren’t interested in her. And well, that is where just makes me want to have them realise that they were the reason why Catherine became the Queen of Hearts as we knew of today. And this is where I believe that it is the saddest part of the book, knowing that there were so many ways this could have turned out right but never did.

Catherine is never a heroine we should be rooting for, she is a little too passive I would say. She dreams and dreams, she wants but doesn’t fight for it. Yet, there was some charm about her. Slowly, towards the end, where she becomes what we knew of her. I could relate her. And for some reason, I absolutely liked her, loved her even. When her story was a downward spiral, I guess I would always find some way to love them. Once again, Meyer had managed to do it. Except that it is a lot darker than The Lunar Chronicles. And who the person she was at the end, just as what I thought she would be. The ending line was perfection.

As for the world, this is Wonderland. There isn’t much of anything else we need to do. I loved the way that it was handled, and the way that it introduced so much. Be it the Mad Hatter, or Jest. I really like them all. This book is where we see where they would become and eventually end, why there isn’t another character.

I did love a great deal of female friendships here. Even if it is rather rocky like how everything serves a purpose. Like Mary Ann who was her supporter, but also has a great deal of problems. Of Margaret, and her unattractiveness and self righteousness. Something about them just clicked.

As for interesting characters, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and Jest. They were my absolute favourite and their interactions have always lightened up the mood when I really needed it. And especially do give some very interesting dialogue, one which will be memorable for a long time.

If I would to say whether this retelling is like any other, consider this. It is like Maleficent, a book about the origin story of a villain, and one that no one can ever forget. And one that doesn’t serve to disappoint. It makes enough references to the original story, but it is the story of the Queen Of Hearts. And I guess this is where I will always like her retellings, they contain enough references to make it work yet be so completely different. And this is exactly the same.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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