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Vassa In The Night

Something about this book clicked with me, took me on a wild ride and did make my mind go all the way in trying to make sense of what was happening.

And well, I did like the Russian folklores even if I have almost no idea of what any of them tell. But definitely, loved the story here. The way that it managed to make me interested in Vassa and her journey, and all the mysteries around. Something is rather wrong here and it definitely starts to escalate even more slowly. Even though I’m still not entirely sure what just happened. But really, the tale is quite dark, and happens to be quite weird too.

Somehow, I just liked the way things went. Something here is horribly wrong, such as how night is getting longer and longer. All the while Vassa gets into all sorts of trouble. Even though this was probably a pretty weird story, where I just enjoyed the ride. But it won’t be for everyone.

To me, this is magical realism at its best. At least when I feel I can be taken for a ride, and have absolutely no idea what is going on yet thoroughly enjoy it. And well, the way that it is written definitely would be confusing to many. Somehow it just worked with me. Something just clicked with me when it came to this book, and something just worked too.

Ending it off, I really have no idea how I should recommend this book. It is enjoyable, even without having much idea what is going on. But can be incredibly frustrating to some, and well like I said, it will go down to whether you would instead like a story where there is plenty of weirdness and bizarre moments. And also, moments that you probably have to reread to get sense of it, or really have little idea till the end. Strangely, I enjoyed the tale. That is all

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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