4 stars · Fantasy · Reviews · Urban Fantasy · Young Adult

Lord Of Shadows

Well this was one completely different ride from what I thought. And one that I had enjoyed far more than any other book in this world, really this was by far the best.

The stakes here are indeed higher, and it deals with the mess of the previous story as we all know it. Of the Dark war and the Cold Peace. And I’m amazed at how seamless it was for me to integrate into the world once again, something about her writing made it easy to remember everything. And well, I had a couple of moments where I did smile. And moments where I really felt nothing but agony.

Most importantly, was how large this cast was. And how diverse they all were. Mental illness isn’t a stigma, it is accepting that they are different. That they just need to spend time together to learn to be together. And well, as for Diana, trust me I’m utterly blown away by what she was. It will be something that is much more different than what anyone thinks, and the author handled her well. Presenting her as a capable, strong woman.

As for the main plot, such as the faeries who want an end to the cold peace. Or shadowhunters who wished to do a lot worse to them. Here I really feel that almost all the characters make very difficult decisions. Including Emma and Julian, both of them are not going to destroy a world for themselves, instead they are going to make some sacrifices to fall out of love. And you know what, that will be sensible since the kind of miracle that came with Clary and Jace will never happen again. And here, there are some losses. And I do really feel it right now, since the author is a lot more nuanced with them. And that there are plenty of consequences to every action and there really isn’t an easy way out of many issues.

But again, I really wonder why can’t Kit make his own choices? He would be a fine help to Ty, that’s true since he knows that they exist. And that they just need a little help. But really he should be given a chance to choose for himself. That is really my only complaint.

But the characters are awesome. I did warm up to Mark, but Julian is still my favourite. I mean, he has the most amount of problems and he became a father when he was the grand age of twelve. And you know, he is just as he is, and well he is still my favourite out of all of them. Emma has become more readable but nothing around her stands out. But I do rather like Cristina, and love the way thay Ty is characterized as strong and capable, he just needs a little help.

I think that with this world, I can finally say that I really want to continue reading this world, and I’m more than willing to continue reading the next book and most definitely The Last Hours. Will I recommend even for new readers to this? Yes, this is easy to read and it is easy to find yourself really in the world and immersed in it. And also, plenty of diversity in the way that is respectful and still proving that they are capable people.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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