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Our Dark Duet

Once again, this author has managed to find the unbelievable to kill me again, I loved This Savage Song, and these is a satisfying sequel. One with an ending that is suitable in my eyes yet completely torn me apart.

Returning to this world, again is as bleak as it always was. We make our own monsters, and these monsters have been created through our sins. Is there an easy way out? I doubt so and the author doesn’t try some deus ex machina, everything has its consequences. And every price is paid here.

And here is where there is an ending to it all, dealing with all the problems the previous book left us with. Sloan making a rebellion, and running it all with a secret weapon. Kate, outside and hunting monsters continuously, before making her way back. August, doing what he was meant to do. Except that there is so much more of the final fight, the final end to this story. With plenty of stakes and consequences, the author really did what she always did. And also, she never lets us off the hook.

Like I said, dealing with the whole theme of us making our own monsters was simply amazing. And again, I always know that there isn’t one way to make it easy. And Kate, as well as August both make sacrifices here. Kate who is plagued by the chaos eater, to August who had probably killed so many of them as he goes along. And well, this would end their story. In a bittersweet way, and one ending that there is no definite answer. A true open ending, and one where answers were given yet there were so many possibilities unexplored.

But again this is a story about us making out own monsters. One which the author knew how to make it difficult, and even saddened me by the ending. A fitting end for Kate and August and one which is bleak, but had a ray of hope. Will I recommend? Yes, it is quite rare to see this ever dealt with, and in such a satisfying way too.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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