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The Becoming Of Ellicia Wayfield

This is simply a case of it not being to my expectations. I expected it to be a much funnier then what I got. I guess urban fantasy and paranormal only works for me when it simply is much funnier than it seems.

And well, this just doesn’t cut it. Ellicia, she has very little interesting things about her. I thought that perhaps she will be more active and at least more snarky in a way that I wanted it.

But it never had the same kind of effect that I wanted in it. And that although the world does seem different, but really it doesn’t do a really through explanation. And that I simply didn’t like how some things seemed so out of control for Ellicia, or that Ellicia didn’t do anything to rebel against it. Or at least test the limits out.

I just wanted more than what I got, and that my expectations for such a book is a little more to the funnier side. And those are the ones that stick at least for me.

This isn’t just to my expectations, it didn’t really do anything that really stood out to me. Hence I just didn’t like it nor enjoy it. Well, I will still recommend it, it may be for you but just wasn’t for me.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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