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The Alistair’s Hearts

I feel that the author really handled the main character well, and that despite having no memories, as we slowly see and discover the world through his eyes. It definitely was an interesting read, with a rather unique take onto it.

Kaamil is simply a boy who lost his memories, and like many he has remembered plenty of things by the end. And the story is limited, and narrated through him which did serve the story well. The writing really flowed and worked for me.

A flaw I did notice was that the middle did take quite a long time, and then a lot of time passes without much happening. Although I do see the need for him to learn. But there was just some parts where my interest waned in Kaamil. There was just some moments when it does happen, and I don’t seem to have any fondness for any of the other characters.

However the world does seem to be part of an apocalypse with plenty of explanations and magic intertwined. The time is roughly 200 years after us, and the author clearly takes advantage of the future and also the world.

Overall, this work was well written and does explore it all well. On some level, the characters didn’t click with me apart from Kaamil, which is subjective if you ask me. The characters just wasn’t to my taste, but overall an interesting read nonetheless.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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