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This was rather okay, about a girl who was a princess in hiding. It does have some unique aspects, but unfortunately I found the main character to not be just bland but absolutely uninteresting, I couldn’t even be bothered to pay attention to any of the side characters.

Although it does have her being a royal which is classic, but towards the end it is a dangerous position for her to be, sadly it just took too long to move there. If it had been her taken into captivity earlier, it will prove much more interesting as her mother will and should have done something about that.

But naturally, it is mostly travelling without really much about allies or even knowing why she is the princess and how come she was born in a cave. When the answers does come, it is just too way back for me to really care too much.

However, there are rare moments where I did feel something for her, such as the talk with the king. Where she was given two choices, and eventually when she saw what happened. I do see potential, but just that it lost focus in the first book. Pity.

So, overall I may continue with this to see how it goes. As it does have promise, a little bit of intrigue. However, like I said, it just needs to work on the execution to be perfect and me liking the main character and able to connect with her better. Other than that this was pretty decent.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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