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Death At The Emerald

I really like this book as it was an interesting deviation from the usual mystery I have read.

And with a twist that I never really seen coming. Most importantly, was that Frances was an entertaining detective. She is focused and definitely breaks most norms, and naturally is not afraid of the really dirty part of detective work.

The time is in the Edwardian era, with Frances being a suffragist. And surprisingly, there is very little but Frances is portrayed as strong and capable, as well as talented. Not to mention, that the mystery surrounds mostly women, and the relationship Frances has with her maid is definitely interesting.

The mystery is not just simple, but also really hits home. A girl who runs away when she was twenty-one because she didn’t want to be married or rather sold to anyone. And eventually managed to make a life for herself. That to me took guts, and that she may have been naive, but with time she really showed wisdom with her choices. And I really adored Louisa, the way that she simply had the courage to pursue what she wanted. She fought, she never gave up. Her story is told through here, and she was my favourite character. Even though she really doesn’t appear much.

As for all the things she really went through is quite a lot, and yet the ending to me is rather satisfactory. At least it will be something hopeful, amidst all the investigation.

As for Frances, she may be a suffragist but she does not spenf all her time talking about feminism. Or even about it. It does not have much of a place but I think that she leads it by example. She is talented, strong and at the same time not beyond emotions. And really, she is fighting by being herself and doing what she is good at. And that really, she doesn’t feel the need to prove herself to men is a nice welcome.

So, to me, this mystery really worked in my favour of the way that it really kept me guessing. It really is like a character study, since it is about a disappearance not a death. To investigate what happened to her, I believe that understanding her background is the most important.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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