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Inish Clare

Well, I expected a lot more than this. At least in terms of the mystery and historical fiction.

However, what I got was a rather bland story where I barely know even the main characters at all, and that the main narrator was largely forgettable. Paired with an even more forgettable mystery and even one where I barely remembered anything about it, and hence you could see why I didn’t enjoy this at all.

I did expect a lot more about the pirate, since I was sold through the premise on the promise of pirates. Unfortunately, it just never delivered it. And the curse or whatever was just uninteresting, it never felt real or even the least bit. It just felt there.

And I did find that almost any paranormal aspect or even anything about the history wasn’t really elaborated upon or fully explored. That is a rather large weakness if you were to ask me. And it didn’t really tie up what it had to do, and I just couldn’t find much of anything interesting to talk about.

So, you could say that my expectations just wasn’t met well enough. It simply wasn’t talked about well enough, and overall this was a rather disappointing read.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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