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The Cloister

This was a really interesting tale about Both World War II, religion and also the 12th century.

I did find the entire focus to be there. The writing good enough to handle the difference in styles and syntax, since how we spoke nearly a century ago will be extremely different from now. And the way that it managed to interwine it with the entirely storyline well enough.

The writing and the tale of Heloise was the real reason why I fell in love with this book. Rachel was incredibly relatable too, but she wasn’t as engaging as Heloise. Heloise who indeed was brilliant, who did really accept her own ideals. And really, she was willing to pursue what she believed was hers, and love when the chance came. I find that rather courageous to do, and to even support Peter, no matter how hard the times.

As for the religion aspect, I’m not a Christian, but I did like how it was simply as a choice. Or the different interpretations of the religion, for I do know about their very bloody history when it came to difference of opinions.

One flaw that I really don’t tolerate much is that what was the plot of Rachel’s story, she seems to be wanting to tell the world of their story. But it seems that after a while, it just doesn’t get fulfilled. And I will have highly preferred for her to have really gone through the war in France, although the ending was rather poignant and open ended. I just didn’t care that much for Rachel, since all My sympathies was with Heloise for the most part.

Overall, I just really enjoyed this book. There was something that really worked this tale for me, and Heloise was always the one who won my heart.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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