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Deadlands: Boneyard

Now this was the book that I consider a really interesting read. Since it is about a mother who is protecting her own daughters, and eventually when her own past also catches up with her.

I just love Annie, I know that Annie is a really fantastic even great mother. She is someone who has seen quite a lot in her life, and that her husband was in fact mad.

And that the tale surrounds this as a whole, as Annie is facing her past and an enemy who wants her daughter to make a perfect creation. And this does say that imperfection was always the best, as the way that the father wants to make his daughter perfect will make you want to kill him. I’m not kidding, the entire thing was so real that my sympathy went to Annie that very moment.

And that Adeline doesn’t have too much of a role, which is rather fine. Most of it is with Annie and her time as his wife. When she birthed conjoined twins, and when she saw her husband do what he did to them.

Her strength is admirable and makes the most amount of sense, since she has simply accepted and made the best of it. And that sometimes, accepting people for their imperfection is all they need. And that really, the husband is a chauvinistic pig. There is nothing else I can use to describe him, apart from the words raving lunatic.

And to me, this just worked and clicked. For this dark and creepy tale, I suggest that if you really want to read this, prepare yourself for a dark ride. And also, prepare yourself to face some really messed up stuff.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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