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Well, I gave it a shot to see how long my mind could retain the memory of this book. And sadly, it just didn’t work in my favour for I emerge having no idea what happened in it.

This book has a really dull way of telling the story, coupled with pacing that I could see that nothing was happening apart from being taken as a slave. But there is a lot of telling, and a lot of passing moments. But not enough times showing me about all of his time as a slave.

And with it, I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters since there really isn’t much of anything which kept my attention. The writing is rather emotionless and dull which made enjoying this difficult, at least for me.

And since the writing was neither lyrical nor smooth in a way that I hoped, but rather just forgettable. As well as the characters were quite flat, and I couldn’t feel their emotions or even sympathize with them. Hence, you can see why this just didn’t work for me.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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