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This was a truly satisfying tale. Of a woman who survived being in the concentration camps and managed to leave there.

I really do like the accuracy of how the women are treated, horrible to the point that several times I felt like wanting to throw this book. And that I cared so deeply for Emilia. Unlike most who survive because of either their goodness, Emilia isn’t. She sells her body, for the sake for her family and eventually herself. Field whore, but she knows how to stay alive and that I think is most important. That she stayed alive. I did like Emilia for her true beliefs, and that eventually she had a long road to heal which she will eventually do.

But most of all, this is dark and heartbreaking tale. I really like how the account was so devastating to Emilia, who will lose a lot, everything. Even the ability to bear children, that will be taken away from her too. But I like that she was able to move on, and eventually able to find someone new.

The ending part was the hope that I wanted. She lived, and settled down into Russia and eventually became a much kinder person. All the while managing to eventually get her own family, in her own way and mend her wounds too. Eventually even extending kindness onto her enemies. To me, that is the most important.

This isn’t a tale that any should enjoy, but it is one that has to be heard. Hence, I wholeheartedly recommend this.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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